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Internal Audit Department


Conduct financial and management audit for all divisions to ensure that the internal control of activities carried out by each division is in line with existing regulations.


  • To preview the organization within a certain period to ascertain whether the planning, supervisory, direction and control functions based on management policies, instructions and rules have been implemented effectively in line with good management objectives and practices.
  • To determine the reliability and effectiveness of the system of internal control and operational monitoring.
  • To assess the accuracy and validity of financial information and identify ways to measure, classify and report such information.
  • To review appropriate ways to protect assets and verify the existence of those assets.
    Evaluate the benefits and effectiveness of the use of available resources, identify opportunities to increase resource utilization and suggest ways to overcome related problems.
  • To review the organization’s journey and program implementation to ensure whether the results are in line with the objectives that have been determined, and whether they have been implemented as planned.
  • To coordinate the duties of the Internal Audit Division with the External Audit.
  • To plan, design, develop, an implement together computer-based management systems, especially in terms of:
    • Control features
    • Accuracy features
    • Ability to record documentation so that this developed system may help Labuan Corporation achieve its goals

Client Charter

The Internal Audit Division is committed to conduct professional audit based on generally accepted standards and provide independent, objective, clear and fair evaluations and reports.

We promise to:

  • Prepare and complete the Annual Internal Audit Plan within three (3) weeks.
  • Conduct financial management audit and special study audit within two (2) months.
  • Prepare and prepare a balanced, independent and fair Audit Report within three (3) weeks after the audit is completed.
  • Provide accurate, clear and easy-to-understand audit reports or observations.
    Provide constructive opinions and recommendations.

To ensure that financial and management operations are managed in accordance with the required policies, laws and regulations.

Organizational Chart



Internal Audit Department,
4th Floor, Menara Perbadanan Labuan
Jalan Okk Awang Besar, P.O Box 81245,
87022, FT Labuan

Office Line:

Last Update11/11/2021 - 08:50am
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