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Development and Engineering Department


Responsible for the implemention of efficient and effective development and maintenance projects of public facilities.


  1. To plan, design and implement development projects under the Malaysia Plan in the best way possible with a design that meets necessities, is user and environmentally friendly, competent and efficient project management, comply with Financial Instructions and controlled construction costs.
  2. To implement and monitor LC development projects
  3. To execute maintenance of public facilities such as roads, drains, road furniture in urban areas, housing and village areas to always be in a satisfactory condition
  4. To maintain LC vehicles, mechanical service systems in recreational parks and in-house service systems such as elevators and air conditioning systems to always be in satisfactory condition
  5. To provide maintenance to street lighting and decorative lighting facilities in Labuan except on federal roads, to always be light up, attractive and to create a cheerful atmosphere
  6. To provide maintenance to LC-owned buildings and public facilities
  7. To provide reviews of building plans, infrastructure plans, structural plans, earthwork plans as well as mechanical and electrical plans

Client Charter

  • To investigate all completed public complaints within 3 days and take immediate follow-up action if necessary, regarding damaged buildings, roads, drains, recreational areas and parks, public road lighting system systems and other public facilities under LC’s jurisdiction
  • To make an assessment on all tenders and quotations within 2 weeks.
  • To manage the implementation of Malaysia Plan (MP) projects and ensure completion within 5 years..
  • To manage the implementation of small projects and ensure completion within 1 year.

Project Management

  1. Subject to the conditions of no construction site issues, adequate allocation and complete project brief, the construction period to be taken is as follows:
    • Project Cost of RM500 thousand and below: 15 months
    • Project Cost of RM500 thousand – RM5 million and above: 24 months
    • Project Cost 5 million: 36 months

Asset Maintenance

  1. Road
    • Repair of potholes will be carried out no later than 3 days after the complaint is received.
    • In the event of traffic disruption or public safety, such as fallen trees or landslides, action will be taken no later than 24 hours after identification or complaint is received.
    • Each scheduled closure will be announced through mass media at least 3 days before it is carried out.
  2. Buildings
    • Complaints of critical damage such as leaking in water pipe, roof or sewage systems and building utilities will be dealt with within 1 day
    • Normal repair action within 1 month
    • Maintenance of air conditioning system – 7 days.


  1. Action on damage for mechanical service equipment – 3 days
  2. Major repair work (major overhaul) of the vehicle – 4 months
  3. Minor vehicle repair work – 1 month
  4. Chiller operation – 1 year
  5. Elevator maintenance – 3 days
  6. Power Maintenance – 2 days
  7. Fountain maintenance – 7 days
  8. Maintenance of fire suppression systems – 5 days


  1. Normal damage – 1 day
  2. Complicated damage – 7 days
  3. Road light damage – 3 days


  1. Management of complaints under the responsibility of LC will be implemented within the following period:
    • Complaint receipt – 1 day
    • Feedback on complaints – 7 days
    • Complaint closure – 2 months
  2. Management of complaints not under the responsibility of LC No Wrong Door Policy will be implemented within the following period:
    • Complaint receipt – 1 day
    • Extension to the relevant agency – 3 days

Organizational Chart



Development & Engineering Department
6th & 7th Floor, Menara Perbadanan Labuan
Jalan Okk Awang Besar, Peti Surat 81245,
87022, WP Labuan

Office Line:
Tel: 087-408649


Last Update11/11/2021 - 08:58am
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